Take Note, Party Troopers!

For the longest time, Mira Road’s nightlife was almost non-existent. Even if you wanted to grab a drink, you’d be forced to settle for the old worn out bars. But one newbie is bringing you hip lounge vibes with a dash of good music!

Lined with plush seating and pops of colour accenting the walls, the snug setup at this bar is perfect for unwinding over weekends.The team’s beating the bar game with their unique drinks. Be it combining activated charcoal with a good ol’ pina colada or adding exotic fruits to a classic mojito they put a spin over everything on the menu. Throw in some delicious grub to the mix and you have the Winkingg Owl experience.

What to order?

We mentioned how the cocktails steal the limelight at this joint, and the Dragonfruit Mojito goes on to show you why. Their version of the original, this white rum- based drink has pulpy scoops of dragon fruit in each sip. With hints of lime and fragrant basil, this one’s perfect to begin on a refreshing note.

But great drinks are nothing without sides to munch on. And the loaded Veg Charcoal Nachos pairs well with most drinks. Served in a martini glass, it is an interesting mix of charcoal infused nachos, beans and cheese sauce. It’s just the mess-free nibble you need in between dance breaks. Pair that with the Tipsy Charcoal Shake, which also plays with activated charcoal. If there’s any drink that’s as healthy as it’s intoxicating, it is this one.

Meanwhile, you can pass around slices of the Makhni Mac N Cheese Pizza. Especially if you’re here in a bigger group. But be warned, this sinfully cheesy dish is definitely not for those on a diet! And if you still have space for more, we recommend the Burmese Khao Suey which makes for a filling meal. End your meal with the Chocolate Coconut Rum Balls which are coated with nutty and rich shavings of toasted coconut.

Weekend or not, anyone who’s in the mood to shake a leg, crack open a cold one or just banter with friends you can always have a good time here!

Pro tip

As the DJ spins some groovy tracks, you could call for their signature Flaming Tower to turn the party up by a few notch!